Lavinda attaches great importance to user experience and is willing to share experience with new users. We have collected some common problems you may encounter in the process of using nail art equipment, and sorted out some questions and answers, hoping to help you get started with the printer.

Answer: Yes. Please contact our customer service for verification, including the order number, product, and product problems.

A: Sorry to hear the news. If the order is not shipped, you can contact our customer service to cancel the order. If the package has already been sent, you cannot cancel the order, you need to send it back to us after receiving the package. After receiving the package, our warehouse staff will check it and notify the financial department to refund you.

A: Lavinda professional cordless nail drill comes with Type-C charging cable. You can use it with the charger, the output is 5V, 2-3A. Most mobile phone chargers can match it. Our engineering team thinks it's greener.

A:When you turn on the machine for the first time, the light will be on for 120 seconds when your hand is inside without pressing any key. When you press the timing key, the duration of the light depends on which timing key you pressed before.

A:If using Gel Polish. You must use a "TOP OFF" clear coat after your color to seal the color and some of these Clear Coats have a sticky film when they dry but all you do is take a cotton ball of alcohol and wipe them off really good and that's it.

A:Because there are vents on the bottom of the device to dissipate heat, the wind blows out from the bottom.

A:It has to be plugged in to work.